Cardio Equipment

Our most innovative collection of cardio equipment to date. GAF is your best source of all your fitness supplies, and our cardio category is one of our jam-packed selections. We have treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers / ellipticals, and rowing machines in different designs and brand to choose from.


Lose those extra pounds, trim down to a one size lower and be as sexy as you can be while keeping a healthy heart. Get ready to meet the most awesome cardio equipment line up you’ll ever see online and feast your eyes on the wonders and magnificence of each of our products offered.

We have a massive collection of treadmills that will surely surprise you with crazy low prices, exercise bikes and rowing machines that are oozing with quality and superb durability rating and to top it all of we have a great selection of excellent-grade elliptical trainers/crosstrainers that will get you sweating like you’ve never sweat before!

Cardio Training can bring you a lot of great health benefits. It improves your heart health, increase your metabolism, helps you regulate your blood sugar levels and of course lose extra weight off of your body. With cardio training, you can also ease your depression for it helps you release those “feel good” hormones of yours also known as endorphins. So not only will you be able to stay in shape you’ll also be relieved from your stress. Talk about being sexy and being happy at the same time. Who would pass up on that right?

No matter what your fitness goals are. Whether it is to shave extra weight off of your body, maintaining your already slim and slender body or keeping your heart healthy, choosing the right cardio equipment can truly affect your training. Think of them as your training buddies. Whenever the weather is bad and you feel like training they’ll always be there to help you accomplish your workout. The convenience they bring is unmatchable and one more great quality of our products is that you’ll never have to worry about them wearing down and being broken sooner or later. They all have high durability ratings and they are all covered with warranty so don’t you panic soon enough if ever an unfortunate incident arises. Just focus on your training and train as hard as you like to achieve your fitness goals. We’re pretty sure you’ll be delighted on your purchase. With the big name brands such as Freeform, York Fitness and Healthstream, you are rest assured you’ll get absolutely what you’ll pay for.

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