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Add to your gym equipment with cardio machines from Gym and Fitness. We’ve designed our equipment selection to meet the demands of both avid fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. Let us help you equip a state-of-the-art commercial facility or carve out a workout niche at home. Explore stair climbers, ellipticals, cross trainers, exercise bikes and more — shop cardio gym equipment at Gym and Fitness today!

Set up essential gym cardio equipment for every training routine

Want to have the best gym equipment? Cardio machines are a must. From high-energy stair climbers to exercise bikes and versatile ellipticals, each piece of gym cardio equipment improves cardiovascular health, stamina and metabolic rates. Suitable for all fitness levels, these machines allow for customisable workouts, enabling users to adjust intensity and duration as their fitness improves.

Equipped with advanced technology, our cardio workout gym equipment offers precise tracking of vital metrics. Measure heart rate, calories burned and distance covered. This not only aids in monitoring progress, but also in tailoring training plans to meet specific health goals. Help yourself (or your clients) lose weight, improve athleticism and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our cardio gym equipment range provides the foundation for a well-rounded fitness regimen.

Provide a personalised and connected fitness experience

Transform your workouts with the interactive features of our gym equipment. Cardio machines boast integrated technology that tracks every aspect of the session, from heart rate to calories burned. Access and record these data to optimise your performance on every level. 

Additionally, our cardio gym equipment allows users to connect with virtual fitness communities. Compatible apps and experience workouts guided by professional trainers make each session motivational and more effective. Our gym cardio equipment boosts individual performance by enhancing your interactive workout experience.

Equip your gym with premier cardio machines from Gym and Fitness

Choose Gym and Fitness for top-of-the-line gym equipment. Cardio machines blend performance with innovation, allowing users to meet every exercise need. Invest in your health and the health of your clients by incorporating our versatile and effective cardio equipment into your fitness regimen.

Don’t wait to enhance your workout environment. Explore our range today, or contact our expert team for advice on the best machines to suit your fitness goals — we deliver anywhere in Australia.