Calf Machines

While calf muscles are notoriously difficult to grow, targeted exercises can help you add mass and definition. The easiest way to improve your leg strength and sculpt your calves is by using a calf machine. Whether you are just getting started or are rocking bodybuilding calves already, you’ll find the right gym calf machine for your level and needs below!

Explore our range of targeted calf muscle machines.

Choose between seated calf machines if you are short on space and standing calf machines for more spacious gym setups. Whichever calf machine model you prefer, we’re sure to list it here at Gym and Fitness. These durable and practical calf muscle machines are the best to add to your commercial gym or home gym space.

How to choose the best calf machine for you.

When deciding which calf machine to buy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much space do I have available? — If you have limited room to accommodate a specialised calf muscle machine, a simple calf block might be better for you.
  • How often will I use the calf machine? — If you won’t rest until you achieve the ultimate sculpted calves at home, or own a commercial gym with a wide variety of specialised leg machines, opt for a full 200 LB stack.

Buy calf machines for your budget and needs.

Whether you are after a small and compact calf block or plan on investing in a range of strength and cardio equipment, you can kit out your training space for less at Gym and Fitness. We are proud to offer the best calf machines and gym equipment in Australia at some of the lowest prices — so that fitness is available to all.Buy calf machines and exciting new arrivals today from our website. Need a hand? Come and speak to us in our showrooms or contact us online. We are always happy to help!