Collection: Cable Crossover Attachment

The cable crossover attachment for the power rack adds a new dimension of workout patterns to the power rack, allowing for a more diversified workout experience.

A power rack is a very useful piece of gym equipment that allows one to train strenuously while minimizing the risks carrying such heavy loads might have on the muscles you are trying to train. However, there is more use to be had out of your power rack than just using for training one’s body through weightlifting.

The cable crossover attachment allows you to add a new and unique workout apparatus to your power rack that can make for a more diversified workout experience. There are many exercises you can perform using the cable crossover attachment, all targeting the development of specific muscles in the body.

To correctly perform the decline cable fly, simply hold on to the two handles, one with each hand, and pull on them slightly such that the arms form a curved line. Afterwards, pull on the weights until the arms meet in the middle. Step forward in order to position yourself into a staggered stance, with either leg forward, elbows a little bent, and chest upright. Compress your shoulder blades into each other, and open the arms back to their original position around the chest area. It is best to keep your shoulders compressed toward each other so as to keep your arms from flailing backward due to the weights. Lastly, use your chest to pull the weights back down, toward the direction of the leg that is positioned forward. Repeat.

As for the biceps cable curl, simply grip the handle in such a position where the palms are gripping the handle and facing up. Stand in front of the weights, and keep your feet stuck together so as to keep yourself from being pulled by the weights. The knees are to be bent slightly as well for similar reasons. Stand upright, but make sure to keep the buttocks aligned as well; you are not to stick it outward. Bend your elbows to pull the handle toward the chest, then slowly lower the elbows back down to the position you started in. To reiterate a point, it is very important to ensure that your elbows stay tight against your body in this exercise.

The triceps cable curl is somewhat similar to the biceps cable curl. To perform this exercise, simply hold on to the ropes, and stand in front of the weights. Bend your arms into a 90-degree angle. Keep your elbows close to your sides, place and keep your feet together, and keep your knees slightly bent. As you engage your core muscles and keep your elbows still, extend your arms straight down to the sides, and then slowly return them to the original 90 degrees position. Repeat.

These are only a few of the many possible exercises that can be done with the use of the cable crossover attachment for the power rack. It is undoubtedly an invaluable addition to the power rack that opens up a plethora of diverse workout patterns that can work towards your own fitness goals.