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Sleds are a versatile and effective tool for strength training and conditioning. Whether you're looking to improve your explosiveness, build power, or get a challenging full-body workout, a strength sled from Gym and Fitness is an excellent choice. Their compact, portable design makes them perfect for HIIT classes and CrossFit sessions. You'll love the high resistance and unique training experience that our sleds offer, whether you have a garage gym, a studio, or a commercial space. Get ready to transform your workouts with our range of gym sleds.

How a sled delivers a full body workout routine

Great for group workouts or simply adding more variety for clients, sleds are the boredom crushing cardio gym equipment you’ve been looking for. The portable and compact designs of our featured gym sleds fold out to give you a high-impact training tool that’s ideal for HIIT classes and CrossFit sessions. Whether you have a garage gym, a studio or a commercial space, you’ll love the high resistance, unique training experience that sleds provide. 

Shop the range of gym sleds for all surfaces, conditions and directions

One of the best features you’ll get when you buy a sled is the versatility that works in any space and for any individual. Our range of sleds can be used indoors or outdoors safely without risking injury or damage to any flooring. Bi-directional wheels allow you to keep sweating it out without having to turn equipment around. Sleds are great for performing exercises like the tow rope pull, backward pull and backpedal, forward jog and lunge, chest press and more. 

Crafted to be heavy duty and offer maximum resistance without putting the user at risk, a gym sled unlocks hundreds of potential effective reps for beginners and pros alike. Enjoy a hardcore workout with silent, frictionless performance from our range of high-quality sleds

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