Collection: Abdominal Machines

Most abdominal machines offer a high degree of protection to the abduction and adduction muscles of the lower back which traditional ab exercises such as sit-ups and crunches do not. Someone experiencing less pain is more apt to persevere with their exercise program. Sore lower back muscles can be avoided by well-designed ab machines.

Get that sexy six pack and flaunt your flat new tummy in no time!

Abdominal machines also called ab crunch machines provide weight trainers the convenience of having both an effective ab workout plus comfort and ease of use. Professional weight trainers, bodybuilders and even beginners can all easily train with these machines. Proper posture is key to just about any workout in the book and that is what make these abdominal machines effective for core training. They ensure you do an exercise with the proper posture plus they provide good support for you back to minimise the risk of having injury while your busy working out.

Here at GAF, we have a great collection of abdominal benches and machines you can choose from. Our featured brands for this category are Body Solid, Healthstream, Liberty Fitness, York and our regular best seller, the trusted brand in strength equipment, Force USA. One of the best product in this category would be abdominal benches. With these at your side, you can do a series of core exercises and target your whole abdominal area including your obliques. Another good thing about crunch benches is that they can easily be kept and stored. Not only that, just add in an adjustable squat stand and you'll be able to transform the ab benches into your very own decline bench press. There are a lot of ways you can use an abdominal machine. Combine these with a cardio machines such as treadmills or elliptical trainers and you'll definitely reap the best results you can get.

Core training is as essential as strength training. It is proven that with strong core muscles, one can improve the stabilization of his torso. It can also improve a person's posture and balance. They are as great investment as any other strength equipment. Working out your whole body rather that just targeting a specific muscle group is proven to be ideal to get the best results. So add this as a transition to your routine. With core training, not only will you be fit and sexy, you'll also be able to improve your overall strength.

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