Collection: Commercial Weight Plate Storage

The Commercial Weight Plate Storage is a very important addition for any home and commercial gym. They are very efficient places to store weight plates of different weights and sizes, and make them significantly easier and safer to work with around the gym.

Weight plates are an all-too-important staple that is a part of strength training, weightlifting, and powerlifting exercises in gyms. The backbone of gym-based training, most gym exercises involve lifting these heavy weighted metal plates on barbells and other variants of the tool. They are integral parts to a plethora of important gym strength training exercises, such as the deadlift, squat, the full lift, and many other variants of these common exercises.

There are some dangers and downsides to just having them around, though. For one thing, it can be very difficult for one to lift them off the ground once they’re lying parallel to it; this is especially true for the heavier weights, which can go upwards of 100 pounds per plate. It can also be potentially dangerous to have them leaning against the wall, as you then run the risk of having them fall on someone’s foot, which can be one painful experience.

To solve these problems, most gyms tend to utilize weight plate storage pieces. These efficient racks just make things so much easier and safer as you set up plates for a deadlift or a bench press. With metal bars that mirror the ends of the barbell, the weight plates can easily be slotted into place through their holes, and the bars are sturdy enough to hold up against the weight. It also makes it far easier to set up barbells, as they are already stored in the position you would usually use the plates in.