Collection: AssaultBike Attachments

There are many accessories for exercise bikes that can be useful for some people’s exercise experience, giving the bike new capabilities that may prove important for your exercising needs.

Exercise bikes have become a staple piece of aerobic exercise equipment that has applications in the home setting, as well as used in every gym out there. These pieces of equipment are known for being relatively easy to use in comparison to other aerobic fitness machines. Unlike other machines that would require some forms of complicated motion and normal aerobic exercises that need you to cover a lot of ground to meet any significant fitness goals. The best part about exercise bikes, however, is that it creates exercise equipment that combines all of the best benefits of these two types of aerobic exercise. It allows you to exercise with a simple motion of pedalling with a bike mechanism while being situated in a stationary position, which allows you to do exercises this intense indoors. It is, without a doubt, one of the best aerobic exercise machines currently available in the market.

There are, however, some things that the exercise bike could be doing better. For those with back problems, for instance, the standing position of a stationary bike might not be comfortable enough for them to properly perform the exercise. Also, some earlier exercise bike models don’t have any programs that track heart rate and other vital signs that some of the more modern models do. However, there are accessories in the market now that you can attach to these exercise bikes, that can serve these very specific purposes. These will, without a doubt, bring your old exercise bikes to a new level, serving some exercise needs that it previously could not.