Spin Bike

The spin bike is a new, up and coming aerobic exercise machine. It maximizes the weight loss to time ratio by making the gym-goer stand as they perform exercises on it.

The spin bike is speedily becoming one of the next staples that you should get used to seeing in every gym you end up visiting within the foreseeable future. It is an aerobic exercise machine, meaning that it is often used for high-intensity exercises that allow the gym-goer to meet their fitness goals in improving their cardiovascular health, as well as losing a few pounds on the way. The spin bike presents the comparative advantage of making a gym-goer stand as they exercise and train, which has shown itself to be a great way to maximize the amount of weight you can lose in a given time period. One hour of training by itself should allow you to burn anywhere between 750 to 1000 calories, depending on your weight, age, gender, as well as the overall level of fitness.

These variants more often than not sport heavily reinforced pedals, to allow them to accommodate the full bodyweight of every gym-goer. The seats that are available to those who would want to use them are not padded, as it is just that important to assure that the gym-goer is standing up during the exercise to maximize its efficiency. The handlebars are also sporting textured surfaces, so as to give you maximum comfort, strengthen your grip mid-exercise, and to protect your own fingers from the all too common blisters and sores that you might find your fingers dealing with due to the intense friction that the exercise demands.