Collection: Pec Deck Machine

Maximise your chest workouts with our pec deck machines for some serious muscle building. The pec deck machine, or machine fly, is a gym equipment that allows the exerciser to focus on developing his or her pectoral muscles in the safest way possible. At Gym and Fitness, we have the 2-in-1 setup: the pec deck and fly machine built into a single piece of essential gym equipment — get it now for your commercial gym or home setup!

Customisable comfort for optimal performance

Achieve peak performance with customisable features in our pec deck machines. Adjustable seats and multi-grip handles accommodate users of different heights and preferences, providing comfort throughout your workout. An adjustable range of motion allows you to tailor the machine to your specific workout needs. The pec deck machine is a flexible option for diverse training routines.

Built for strength and versatility

The pec deck machine is made specifically to isolate the chest muscles, offering up to 250 lbs in its weight stack for progressive overload training. This feature is ideal for users looking to steadily increase their strength levels without compromising on safety or efficiency. The versatility of the machine shines with its dual exercise capability, seamlessly switching between pec flys and rear delt workouts to enhance both your chest and shoulders.

A safe and effective upper body workout 

The pec deck machine provides fewer safety risks in comparison to using free weights and is incredibly user-friendly for new gym-goers. To prepare the pec deck machine for use, adjust the machine for your strength level. Sit with your back firmly against the pad, place your forearms on the arm pads, bend your arms at a right angle and align your elbows with your lower chest. 

To execute the exercise, tighten your chest muscles to bring the pads, and thus your arms, together. Peak the contraction and then gently return to the starting position. This controlled motion helps to prevent injuries and ensures that you maximise the effectiveness of each rep.

Buy pec deck machines at Gym and Fitness

Transform your upper body workouts with pec deck and rear delt machines from Gym and Fitness. The adjustable settings for personalised range of motion and up to 250 lbs for progressive training make this a must-have for a well-rounded upper body routine. Order gym equipment from us today and enjoy fast shipping across Australia.

If you're looking to equip your home gym or upgrade your commercial facility with pec deck machines and more, we provide tailored solutions to fit your needs. Get in touch with us for more information.