Collection: Adjustable Pulley Machine

Gym and Fitness has a flurry of sturdy Adjustable Pulley Machines for you, whether it’s for your personal use or commercial use, come and pull the trigger on one of these top-notch picks.

Those who are looking for a simpler workout routine will definitely be attracted to the adjustable pulley machine. It’s a rather versatile exercise apparatus that allows individuals to work on whichever muscle in the body they choose to. By pulling the pulleys up and down with one or both of your arms and legs, either in unison or alternating, the adjustable pulley machine provides a significantly large amount of exercise options to include in your workout routine. The apparatus can be used in the upper body, lower body, core, and total-body exercises.

Women seeking a simplified workout routine will be drawn to the dual adjustable pulley machine. It's a versatile piece of exercise equipment that allows you to tone every muscle in your body with a single machine. By moving the pulleys up and down with one or two limbs in unison or alternating, this machine provides endless exercise options to include in your workout routine. Create a complete workout routine using upper body exercises, lower body exercises, core exercises and total-body exercises.

For upper body exercises, start with the pulleys set at about your waist height, face away from the machine, and perform a few chest presses. Afterwards, turn around, face the machine, and do some back rows. These can be done with arms in unison or alternating, the latter working the core muscles in addition to providing a workout for your arm muscles. Make sure that you pull the pulleys low whenever you use these. You may also try low rows, bicep curls, and lateral shoulder raises. If you want to try something with the pulleys high, you can try straight arm pull-downs and triceps pull-downs. Do all these for 8-12 reps for 2-3 sets.

For lower body exercises, set a pulley to the lowest weight. You may only use one pulley at a time for leg exercises. Wrap the ankle strap around one of your ankles. If you’re looking to focus on your thighs, face away from the machine and perform twelve straight leg forward kicks per leg. As for working the inner thighs, it is best to stand sideways of the pulley with the leg closer to the machine attached to the pulley, and move your straight leg in front of the other leg for 12 reps. As for getting to work on those glutes, face the pull and pull your straight leg backwards 12 times per side.

For core exercises, place two hands on one handle, set one pulley to waist level, and stand facing sideways from the cable and twist with straight arms, pulling away from the machine. This torso rotation will exert a large number of core muscles. Do this for 12 reps on each side. Another exercise you can do in the same position is to bring both arms with the cable overhead and lean the body away from the machine 12 times per side. This motion is ideal for working the obliques along the side of the stomach.