Commercial Power Tower Gym

The Commercial Power Tower Gym saves you the most money out of all equipment out there. It works out a large number of muscle groups due to the multiple exercises performable with it. We have collated options of the different service levels for you to be able to find what’s fitting to your budget.

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The Commercial Power Tower Gym enables you to perform functional workouts that are the most sufficient and effective training methods out there. With this great piece of equipment, you could be able to perform four major kinds of workouts, namely, Chin-ups, Dips, Press-ups and Vertical Knee Raises. Saving the time of transferring from one equipment to another, this is really efficient when tinkering with supersets.

This tower also lets you workout with the comfort of your own abode. It only takes up a tiny bit of space which is very important for home gym setups. It doesn’t even require you to hook up or drill it up and incorporate things into your wall.

The Chin-up station of the power tower helps you build up strong and toned biceps and back muscles. Wide-gripped or overhand chin-ups with the wide grip handle hit your back muscle groups. Shoulder wide pull-ups work your biceps really good with the properly angled close-grip handles.

The Press stations are always put directly under chin-ups station, allowing you to perform supersets with efficiency, this is a good way to mix-up your sets of workouts, making it a little more challenging and letting you reap more benefits than regular single workouts. The press-ups give a little more difficult push-ups because you could go a little deeper than regular grounded push-ups caused by its elevation. The handles also promote grip strength development with push-ups.

Vertical Knee Raises are performed for the core muscle groups, while the Dip station is very useful in developing chest and tricep muscle groups as well. These two are also placed in the same area also to allow you to perform supersets.