Collection: Gym Chalk

A standing box for holding gym chalk. Chalk is a simple, yet relatively effective way of keeping exercisers safe from the dangers of accidentally dropping a free weight on themselves or the floor.

Lifting dumbbells or barbells, whether you are using them as free weights or have them on a strength training machine, has become an essential of almost every exerciser’s gym regimen. This is not without any good reason to be found, as strength training does indeed provide a plethora of health benefits in being the most effective way to build muscle strength across the body. However, while they are the most effective, they also pose more than a few dangers. There is a technique behind performing popular free weight and machine-aided strength training exercises, and even the slightest error, just a slip of the hand, is enough for everything to go south and lead to massive injury. There are multiple options that have been devised to counteract these dangers, such as introducing knurling to the central parts of the barbell to keep it from slipping off your back in squats, and even the introduction of grip gloves. However, grip gloves can prove to be expensive for some, and if you don’t get the right size, they’re more trouble than they are a help to your exercising.

This is why most gyms tend to keep some chalk around their weight lifting area. Chalk increases the amount of friction that exists between your palms and the free weight, and lessens the moisture on your palms, overall having a positive effect in minimizing the possibility of having a free weight slip from your hands and cause a bunch of problems, be it through injury or damages to the flooring of the gym.