Collection: Abdominal Wheel

Ab wheels are an exercise apparatus that have been around for decades, and a staple of gym equipment. It is used to exercise one’s core and back muscles.

Abdominal wheels, more commonly referred to as ab wheels, are a piece of exercise apparatus that has been around for quite a considerable amount of time and has consistently been a staple of most exercise regimens prescribed by professional athletes and trainers.

Simply put, it is a wheel with a rod running through the centre of the wheel. To use it, you hold the two ends of the rod with both hands and roll down on each handle. It is supposed to roll as you use it so that you may move your body forward and backward in different directions and allows one to focus on individual muscle groups.

The question still remains, how exactly does one use an ab wheel?

Step 1: Start on the floor, kneeling down on all four limbs. If your limbs feel uncomfortable in such a position, using this apparatus on a yoga mat is a serviceable option.

Step 2: Grab hold of the ab wheel by putting your hands on the opposite ends of the rod’s handles. Afterwards, but the wheel on the floor beneath your shoulders.
Step 3: With your arms and back kept straight, push the wheel slowly forward.

Step 4: Keep in mind that you are to contract your abdominal muscles as you roll forward. Moreover, you must assure that your upper body is extended, parallel to the ground.

Step 5: Roll as far forward as you can while keeping your core contracted to keep yourself in balance. Should you fail to contract those core muscles, it will be very difficult to keep your lower back stable, and your back will have an unavoidable tendency to sag. It is also important to remember that the hips and shoulders should be moving at roughly the same speed.

Step 6: Maintain your position for roughly three to five seconds. Afterwards, slowly roll back toward your starting position. Repeat.

For workouts, try starting at around 15 reps per set, and see if that’s too little or too much for you as you go on. Eventually, you should be able to build some familiarity with the workout and increase the number of reps and sets you are capable of completing within a single workout session. As you go on with using the ab wheel, you should feel the effectivity ramp up over time.

There are a few reminders that you ought to know before using the ab wheel. First, try to roll slowly, and this will help work your torso and core muscles more thoroughly, and also lets you avoid the risk of running into injury. Furthermore, the ab wheel will also allow you to work on your lower back and hip flexor muscles if you are able to go about the exercises in a slow and controlled pace. Next, you will need to develop strong back muscles to fight the natural arching of the back as you use the wheel to roll forward. If you are new to using the ab wheel, you might find it helpful to roll out and touch a wall with your ab wheel, just to get a better grasp of your starting point and its relative location as pull the wheel back and take on the next rep.