Weight Plate Storage

Welcome to Gym and Fitness, your destination for high-quality weight plate storage racks. Whether you own a bustling commercial fitness centre or a modest garage gym, we understand the importance of efficient equipment organisation. We offer top-notch weight plate storage solutions to keep your bumper plates, steel plates and Olympic plates secure and easily accessible.




Why get a weight plate storage rack?

When it comes to storing weight plates, stacking them on the floor is impractical and unsafe. That’s where our weight plate storage racks come in. Constructed with heavy-duty materials such as chrome-coated horns, these racks are built to withstand heavy loads and ensure durability. With a bottom-heavy design, they prevent tipping and provide stability for all your weight plates. Plus, our racks feature intelligently placed horns, allowing for easy access to plates of different sizes.

3 reasons to invest in solidly-constructed weight plate storage:

1. Organisation

Tired of searching for scattered plates and wasting valuable workout time? Our weight plate storage racks offer a systematic approach to plate management. With designated spots for each weight, you’ll always know where to find and rerack plates after use. No more sorting through disorganised piles.

2. Safety

Gym safety is vital, even if you’re just lifting at home. By investing in a weight plate storage rack or tree, you remove the tripping hazards at the gym. Keep yourself and others safe by maintaining a clear and clutter-free workout area.

3. Plate maintenance

We understand that weight plates are pricey, but you can prolong their lifespan by storing them properly. Invest in weight plate storage from our site to avoid scuff marks, dents and chips that damage the integrity and accuracy of your plates.

Invest in weight plate storage from Gym and Fitness

There are a number of different types of weight racks people can use to store away their plates, but we recommend starting with our weight plate storage trees. Discover vertical stands perfect for organising plates, improving gym safety and observing proper plate maintenance.

Browse the weight plate storage options here on Gym and Fitness below and send an order for what best suits your needs. We deliver within 3–15 business days, depending on your location in Australia and the volume of your order. For more information, visit our shipping page or get in touch with us.