Collection: Commercial Smith Machine

Commercial Smith Machines are built with metal rods that are fixed upon the ground and attached with different contraptions that allow users to perform a full-body workout with it alone. These are made with high-grade steel to ensure its user’s safety and for the machine’s durability and longevity.

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Smith machines are very safe and effective ways to workout. Smith machines focus on improving strength, building muscle, and improving endurance. The smith machine was invented and constructed by Jack La Lanne in the mid-1950s. Fitness enthusiasts should note that smith machines are very similar to using free weights, but are safer. The smith machines are attached to specific metal wires that help guide the barbell. The smith machine also doesn’t move sideways, forward, or backwards.

As stated above, the smith machine is attached to metal rods that are bolted down into the ground. The machine only moves up and down, which is safe for people that have limited range of motion. The machine also encourages good form because of the safety of the movements that can be performed on the machine.

There are many variations of upper body exercises that can be performed. Several notable exercises that can be performed for the shoulder muscle group can be the standing or seated military press, standing or seated behind the neck press, and wide grip upright rows. Chest exercises that can be performed on the smith machine include bench press, incline bench press, and decline bench press. For the back, movements such as deadlifts, rows, and close grip upright rows can be used on the smith machine. For the arms, movements such as close grip bench press, and curls can be performed.

The lower body movements on the smith machine also include a good amount of muscle activity. For the quad muscle group movements such as back squats, front squats, lunges, split squats, and overhead squats can be performed. For the hamstrings, movements such as roman deadlifts, good mornings, and straight leg deadlifts can be performed. Calve raises can also be performed on the machine to improve calve development.