Collection: Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension Machine

The Bicep Curl / Tricep Extension Machine is a high performing fixed resistance range equipment that provides ultimate functionality with workouts. We’ve collated here for you the different commercial levels of the machine so we could cater to every budget type out there.

Your arms consist of two muscle groups, namely, the Biceps and Triceps. Biceps consists of two muscle structures as stated in the name, likewise, the Triceps consists of three muscle structures. These two muscles work hand in hand in working the arms out, even though they are the easiest to develop, one should not overlook them even for a day, because they are the bread and butter of almost all workouts not only for the upper body but also several lower body workouts.

The Biceps include the muscles from the elbow across all throughout the shoulders. Specifically, they are present in front of the upper arm, in front of the shoulder and ends at the elbow. You can feel the biceps bulk up while flexing your arm. The biceps commands the arm muscles when lifting things and rotating your forearm.

The Triceps are located at the back of the arm. They include the muscles at the back, lower shoulder and the lower bone of the forearm. Triceps functions by supporting the back muscles and extending your shoulders.

Biceps Curl Benefits

The main benefit of bicep curls should be existent almost instantly when performing this workout, even if it’s just for a few weeks or months, your bicep size and strength bulks up and strengthens your lifting capacity. Developing biceps are very easy for most lifters, it is known that bicep muscles are easily stimulated with compound movements and even simple daily tasks. Strong biceps help in the everyday lives of people, be it simple tasks or heavy lifting.

Triceps Extension Benefits

Triceps plays a major role in stabilizing your shoulder joints also acts as an extender of the elbow. When your triceps become stronger, the strength and stability of your shoulders and elbows get equally strong as well. These muscles also increase the range, functionality and flexibility of your arms. Well developed triceps are a must in playing basketball, swimming, tennis and volleyball.