Commercial Gym Equipment

With a team of commercial sales specialists, we can pair you with the right equipment for your space. See our commercial gym fit-outs or contact us to get a tailored quote today.

Shop high-quality commercial gym equipment

As a durable and user-friendly option for clients of all skill and experience levels, our commercial gym equipment range is specifically designed to meet the demands of customers and lend value to their commercial gyms. 

From standard must-have items like treadmills, rowing machines and stationary bikes to dynamic commercial gym equipment that adds lots of versatility and dynamic options to mix things up for your clients — all products in our range have a reputation for delivering quality and reliability even after many hours of heavy use. 

Set up or upgrade your space with commercial gym equipment in Australia

If you’re opening up a new gym and need to fit out your space or invest in new commercial gym equipment to keep your clients engaged and meet their needs, our range has the right options to meet any budget or space requirements. 

You may choose from kettlebells, weights, reformer machines, boxing bags, squat machines, shoulder presses, ellipticals, Olympic flat benches, stack weights machines and so much more. Shop classic commercial gym equipment and check out our new arrivals to keep your space fully equipped for any workout.

Gym and Fitness — a one-stop shop for a dynamic workout

Whether you run a commercial gym, are setting up a boutique studio, or want to upgrade your at-home workout space, Gym and Fitness has the best range of equipment for strength, cardio, recovery and gym accessories in Australia. 

From durable gym flooring to the latest multi-purpose equipment, find what you need in our vast online selection. Shop all collections online now, or get in touch with our team for more advice on curating the right commercial gym equipment in Australia to meet your personal or business needs. 


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