Need a blast of cardio? Are you looking for an equipment that will help you get fitter, faster, and stronger? Yes? Then you are at the right place. Gym and Fitness has been on the industry for the last four decades only for the right reasons. We provide a wide range of quality fitness equipment and offer you the lowest possible price. From big commercial machines, to solid and compact free weights, down to your protein bar power snatch. One of our popular line of equipment, Cardio machines, are designed to pump up your heart rate and improve your lung capacity which in the long run, enhances your endurance and overall body strength. While cardio equipment are known for their body conditioning benefits, they are also buyer favourites for weight loss.


Treadmills are a great investment because these are made to last for years. They can range from a couple of hundreds to thousand of dollars depending on the brand and features. Whether you’re a newbie to the fitness industry, a busy parent with not enough time to spare at the gym, a professional athlete looking for new ways to train, there’s a treadmill for you. More and more people are opting a healthier lifestyle, incorporating exercise on their daily activities. And why not? Who will benefit more from a healthy and active lifestyle than you, yourself. You’ll become more energised, more functional, stronger, fitter and most importantly, you’ll feel better everyday. Who doesn’t want that to happen to themselves and to their families? Start your journey to a healthier, better life.

  • Trudging — Keeping up a slow constant pace is an ideal way to warm up, and a good way to relax and clear your head. The slow rhythm will promote circulation and give you a little bit of a stretch. This is ideal when you are tired or before a run.
  • Brisk Walking — This is probably the way a treadmill is used the most today. It raises the heartbeat and makes you feel like you have had a good work out without being exhausted.
  • Jogging — This is a little more strenuous then a brisk walk and another favorite. A combination of jogging and trudging is a good way to get a good workout and relaxation.
  • Endurance Running — This is a great way to practice for a long distance run and build up your endurance and resistance to stress. It pushes your heart to its maximum and helps you improve your focus.
  • Sprinting — When you run as fast as you can for a short period of time, you are sprinting. It leaves you breathless, very sweaty and gives your heart a very good workout.
  • Metabolism Training — When you are on a treadmill, it is easier to train the body to burn calories at a constant rate. You can monitor your blood pressure and heart rate to ensure an equal amount of energy is being used the whole time you exercise. This is to train your body to burn calories even when you are not exercising.
  • Sprinting and Walking — Since it is not possible to keep up a sprint for a for long, it is generally best to combine it with walking. This is a great way to build endurance and strength in your legs.
  • Moving Katas — Martial artists can use the treadmill to practice moves as they walk. He/she can create an imaginary enemy and rehearse his/her moves as they walk toward them and away from them.
  • Jogging Backwards — This will help you develop foot work and balance. It also makes you be more conscious of your surroundings, and it keeps you attentive and alert.
  • Duck Walk — This is excellent for your upper thighs and buttocks. You do this by first squatting and then walking. You will begin to feel the ache soon. Combined with trudging and jogging, it gives you an ideal workout.