Are you ready to make cardio your best friend with Yesoul’s awesome range of spin bikes and elliptical trainers? The S3 Plus Spin Bike and S3 Pro Spin Bike are also exclusive to GAF - so you won’t find them anywhere else!

Featuring a new generation of magnetic resistance, these products deliver an incredibly smooth ride and work with you based on your intensity levels. Comfort, performance and modern features are all included.

Each piece also comes with the Yesoul App, featuring 100s of interactive classes so you can customise your workouts and make sure you hit those training goals. *Membership not included

And we know you shouldn’t judge a bike or trainer by its looks, but Yesoul has designed some of the most stunning and original equipment we’ve ever seen.

There’s a space in your home gym just waiting to be filled with a Yesoul spin bike or elliptical trainer!



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Packed with modern features

Yesoul has made sure to include all the latest trimmings with its S3 series of spin bikes.

This includes 100 levels of smooth, quiet magnetic resistance, multiple seat and handlebar adjustments, toe clip pedals or foot straps for sneaker use and super easy portability.

Tough commercial-grade design

Just like the spin bikes and elliptical trainers you see at gyms, these cardio machines include a commercial grade stainless steel frame and wear resistance exterior for added stability and durability. That means you can train with 100% confidence knowing Yesoul has your back!

The latest in fitness technology

Yesoul has made sure to include free access to its awesome new training app. You can pick and choose from 100s of interactive classes led by professional trainers and travel the world while you’re at it! Who said cardio had to be boring?

Ready to boost your fitness?

Nothing compares to the incredible strength and cardio benefits after a session on one of these Yesoul trainers. Not only will you enjoy the heart-pumping, sweat-dripping experience but you’re also getting a low impact workout at the same time. That means less stress on your joints - especially your ankles, knees and hips - and faster recovery times.

10/10 in the looks department!

We know you shouldn’t judge a spin bike or elliptical trainer by its appearance, but Yesoul has designed some of the most stunning and original equipment we’ve ever seen. It will instantly lift the appeal of your workout space and help keep those motivation levels high.

Train safely in the comfort of home

A high-quality spin bike or elliptical trainer gives you the perfect foundation for your home gym. You can train safely whenever you want and don’t have to worry about busy gyms or expensive memberships. Give yourself the gift of a studio-quality spin bike and ride off into the sunset today!

Exclusive to Gym & Fitness

Our exclusive partnership with the team at Yesoul means you’ll only find the S3 Plus Spin Bike and S3 Pro Spin Bike online with us. If you have any questions about these products for your home or commercial gym, please get in touch with our team!