Collection: Gym Towel

Using a gym towel has become an all too important part of gym etiquette and for good reason. Gym towels are meant to keep you clean when using gym equipment.

Utilizing a gym towel, especially when you’re making use of the gym’s many exercise machines, is simply the respectful thing to do, and has become a part of common and proper gym etiquette. After all, no one wants to be working out on equipment that’s laden with sweat and germs. An important part of selecting the right gym for you is assuring that they provide high-quality gym towels specifically for your use, as well as antibacterial spray bottles. Otherwise, you can almost be certain that you are working out in a germ-laden environment of a gym.

There are many characteristics that you have to keep in mind if you’re looking for the best gym towel to suit your needs. One of these is material; more often than not, you can never go wrong with cotton, but other materials such as microfiber, bamboo, and linen also get the job done fairly well. It’s also important to see how absorbent your gym towel actually is. Size and weight is also something to consider, and the ideal gym towel is somewhere between the size of a hand towel and a bath towel. They must also be kept clean and cleaned after every use; otherwise, they simply make no difference whatsoever to not using one at all. You will also want to see, in the case of gyms, how these towels are being stored; if any care is given to storing them properly or not. These are just a few things to keep in mind when going to the gym.