Collection: Bodytone

At Gym and Fitness, we promise the best and the latest in fitness equipment technology, which is why we are proud to introduce our collection of fitness equipment from Bodytone for workouts, intense strength sessions and more.

Whether you're looking to supplement at-home workouts with equipment, build a shared workout space or kit out your newly renovated school or office gym, our featured selection of Bodytone gym equipment has everything you need to elevate anyone’s fitness journey to new heights.

The Bodytone difference

With the goal to improve people's health and happiness, Bodytone equipment makes fitness accessible and special through its specialised R&D team.

The Bodytone team works in collaboration with biomechanics researchers from prestigious centres such as the Catholic University of Murcia and the University of Valencia to optimise the experience and performance of each workout.

The best of Bodytone with Gym and Fitness

Our collection includes Bodytone equipment for effective strength and cardio workouts. Made from the highest quality materials, the Bodytone fitness equipment ensures that each fitness routine will remain supported by durable and innovative machines designed to optimise performance.

From Bodytone treadmills, ellipticals and bikes to the best of Bodytone weight machines, Gym and Fitness offers a comprehensive range that caters to various fitness needs. With our combined reputation for excellence, you can trust that you're investing in reliable, high-quality equipment for your school, office or commercial gym.

Gym and Fitness — your fitness equipment destination

As a family-owned business committed to providing exceptional fitness equipment at affordable prices, Gym and Fitness has been transforming lives in Australia since 2002.

Experience the Gym and Fitness difference and shop our Bodytone machines today to enjoy flexible and secure payments, same-day dispatch and comprehensive customer support. Feel free to contact us for expert guidance from one of our fitness experts regarding any questions and concerns you may have.

Machines from our Bodytone and fitness equipment collections are available Australia-wide through fast and reliable shipping of 2-5 business days in Brisbane and 3-15 business days in other states.