Collection: Adjustable Bench

Whether you're increasing the weights on your chest press or simply looking for a way to stabilise your bent-over rows, the fact is that no home gym is complete without an adjustable bench. Versatile, sturdy, and suitable for all fitness levels, the adjustable workout bench is one of the best additions to your workout routine and growing gym collection.

At Gym and Fitness, we're committed to bringing you the best-in-class options for an adjustable gym bench that can assist you in growing your strength and training routine. With multiple backrest positions, including instant decline, incline, flat, or fixed and folded positions, there's no limit to what you can achieve with an adjustable bench for your home or commercial gym.


Build more strength and waste less space using an adjustable bench

Once you add it to your space, an adjustable gym bench will quickly become your go-to equipment for the most effective workout exercises that target the whole body. You can use this innovative and simple piece of gym equipment to enhance your elevated push-ups, support your mastery of squats and bench press, and challenge your balance and stability on single-leg bench lunges.

An adjustable bench offers flexibility and versatility for those looking to try different variations of the common exercises and target compound muscle groups for that total body strength and burn. A must-have piece of equipment, the adjustable workout bench is a huge space-saver, allowing you to design free-weight and bodyweight exercises.

Get strong and go beyond with an adjustable bench from Gym and Fitness

Ready to take your workout to the next level? The team at Gym and Fitness has got you covered. Our curated collection includes adjustable workout benches from industry leaders such as Force USA, Inspire Fitness and more. Our team's commitment to 'nimbagility' means we remain lean, agile, and responsive to our customers' queries and needs. Browse our adjustable bench collection or reach out to our team for additional support today.