Bumper Plates

Bumper weight plates are a must-have for anyone into Olympic lifting and dropping weights. They are usually very hard to source and expensive to buy in Australia.

Weightlifting continues to be a popular exercise for anyone looking to build muscle and increase their endurance. However, the huge plates and steel bars can be intimidating for those new to the sport. Lifting with a bumper plate can help you get over your initial nerves, as it makes weightlifting exercises safer and quieter. 

Because you can easily injure yourself when weightlifting, it is recommended that you use Gym and Fitness bumper plates until you’re more confident with your form. 


Bumper plates work in the same way as traditional iron plates, but are instead composed of high-density protective rubber. This means you can lift bumper weight plates without worrying about cracking them, damaging the floor, or harming others when they drop. 

The heavy-duty rubber also reduces the noise that bumper plates make when they hit the ground, which is both great for your weights and your flooring. 

If you’re looking to build your workout setup, the good news is that you don’t need to get any additional equipment after you buy bumper plates. These weights can fit on any standard barbell and can be used alongside iron plates. There are also Olympic bumper plates that you can use if you have an Olympic-sized barbell. 

Buying our bumper weight plates is ideal if you want to practise on your deadlift or clean-and-jerk. They can also be used on their own for plate push-ups, lateral raises and weighted squats. 

At Gym and Fitness, we’ve curated a selection of weights to make it easy for you to buy bumper plates in Australia. We pride ourselves on being a top Australian bumper plate provider, meaning all our products have been tested and approved for durability and ease of use.

We are trying to cater for all with a range which includes some plates ideal for home use right through to IWF-approved plates for competitions. If you have any other questions, reach out to us, and we’ll help you pick out the weight that suits you best.