Collection: Balls

Develop explosive strength, power and endurance while improving core control with our range of functional balls. From trunk twists and sit-ups to heavy squats, wall throws and presses, our fitness balls are designed with weighted centre mount systems — so you can enjoy controlled movements while getting the most out of your whole-body workouts.

Available in various sizes and weights to suit beginners and athletes alike, our functional balls are a highly versatile piece of equipment that allows for a dynamic range of safe, results-driven workouts.

The benefits of fitness balls for workouts

  • A versatile, full-body workout Fitness balls demand consistent core engagement, regardless of the primary muscle group you’re targeting. Functional balls are a great addition to your training, whether you’re pulling off squat throws to target your triceps or ball twists to engage your core and obliques. They can help you unlock your overall body capability.
  • Assists with rehabilitation after injuries — Along with fitness balls for workouts, they’re often used to regenerate the body’s endurance and response, making them helpful for shoulder, knee and spinal injury rehabilitation.
  • CustomisationFitness balls are available in various sizes and weights, making them ideal for dozens of low and high-impact exercises.
  • Low impact — Fitness balls allow you to improve strength, power and agility without stressing your joints at the end of each movement or exercise.
  • Assists with balance and posture — Used to build core strength and perform movements that work an entire chain of muscles, functional balls improve balance and posture through proper alignment. By developing your intermuscular coordination, you can burn more calories by using more muscle mass.

Enjoy full-body workouts with Gym and Fitness’ functional balls

Whether you’re searching for a wall ball or a functional ball ideal for slams, it’s easy to level up your sweat sessions with our range of fitness balls. Shop fitness balls for workouts and new equipment online today and enjoy flexible payment options and free shipping when you spend $700 or more (for Tier 1 members only). Alternatively, head into one of our Adelaide or Gold Coast showrooms to view our range in person.

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