Collection: Commercial Manual Treadmill

Commercial Manual treadmills are simple, yet still a very effective piece of cardio-enhancing exercise equipment that provides the motion of running without needing a whole runway path to do so. These treadmills are made with superior quality materials that allow it to last for a very long period of time.

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Commercial manual treadmills are an essential part of a cardio workout machine that allows you to simulate the motion of running in a confined space. While it may seem obsolete relative to other devices, there are still quite a few upsides to it.

For one thing, it's completely muscular-powered, which means that you get the most out of all the movement you create, and exercise your lower body, which makes it more likely that you'll lose a larger amount of calories for every mile you run. You can also regulate the speed of the treadmill by putting more or less energy into running, as opposed to a motorized treadmill, where you'll have to keep up with the speed of the machine, so that you don't risk slipping or falling over.

In fact, manual treadmills are usable with or without electricity, which ensures that you have a lot more options as to where to keep them running, without needing them to be near to the electrical outlet, which is particularly important for large parts of such equipment.

As mentioned earlier, manual treadmills are also much safer than newer motorized treadmill variants. It stops when you do it, and it doesn't force you to wear a safety cord to stop it when you slip and fall, which are all valid concerns when you use motorized treadmills. This also makes it significantly safer to have children and pets around, as it reduces the risk that they will be hit or hurt by the treadmill system.