Home Gyms

Home gyms are ideal for those who love to exercise, yet find getting to the gym on a regular basis to be difficult. Best of all, home exercise equipment is not nearly as expensive as many people make it out to be, which typically means that even those who are on a tight budget will be able to outfit their home with at least somewhat of a basic gym.


What's more convenient than having a gym setup in the comfort of your very home? Home gyms have been more and more popular these days since they're pretty much a practical investment for a lot of fitness enthusiast and bodybuilders. Probably the best thing about having one, is that they provide their owners the luxury of working out anytime they feel like it or wanted to. Another great thing about having one, is that they encourage you to have no more ""The fitness center is full"" and ""I need to go home early"" excuses. They'll be waiting for you at home so you can train right after you settled everything you need to get done first. Afterwards, you can then just take a cold shower and hit the sack right after your exhausting and rigorous workout.

A home gym is very much easy to set up. You can purchase the equipment piece-by-piece. For example, you can get a pair of dumbbells first and a set of weight plates. Afterwards, you can proceed by purchasing a barbell and bench and then get some of the other gym essentials such as the gym flooring tiles, kettlebells and cardio equipment to get the full gym experience. However, a lot people don't really have the luxury of having much free space at home to set up their home gyms on. That is why most of the time people look into buying compact all-in-one equipment.

Here, at Gym and Fitness, we offer the products from top brands at the best possible pricing. We have home gyms manufactured by Body Solid, Healthstream and Titan. All three brands are well-known for their product's unmatched quality and for the unparalleled value each of them bring to their end-users. If you think home gyms are expensive and costly, then you should think again. Gym and Fitness has interest-free flexible finance options available to keep each of your purchase as light as possible.

Our home gym category line up was carefully thought of to cater to all sorts of customers. If you're looking for a simple yet effective home gym then you should look into the products we have from Body Solid and Healthstream. But if you want to get the full package, then we suggest you go for the Titan Commercial Gyms. You can either choose to own a Titan M1, a home gym that can be used simultaneously by 2 persons, or a Titan T1-X, which can be used by 3 people at the same time and has a hundred of unique exercises available for its users to perform.

Either way, whichever product you choose, don't worry too much about having too little cash to spend with. As we've said, we'll make your purchase as light as possible with our finance options available. Gym and Fitness makes it a point that each of our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase and transactions. That is why we've thought of services and features that will bring benefit to all of our customers. Seen a product with a much lower price than ours? Send us a Price Match request. Have an inquiry regarding our products and services? Contact us and our dedicated customer service team and they'll gladly answer all of your queries. Here, at Gym and Fitness, customer satisfaction is truly guaranteed.