Barbell Collars

Keep your weights sturdy, stable and wobble-free with the help of barbell collars. Also known as barbell clips, these slide-and-lock devices are simple to use, but they can make a world of difference to your safety, strength and lifting stance. If you’ve ever felt a plate become unstable in an overhead lift, barbell clamps are what you need to hold them in place.

At Gym and Fitness, our collection of barbell clips features popular brands like Force USA and Morgan. Lightweight but durable, we have both spring and snap and lock barbell collars, as well as those designed to work with either Olympic or standard barbells. Find the right barbell clips for your existing set-up by browsing our range of strength-training equipment and attachments online.



Make the most of your workout using barbell collars.

Barbell collars from Gym and Fitness keep plates in place as you press, squat, and deadlift your way through heavyweights. As you lock and secure barbell clips in place, you’ll be able to clean and press or snatch safely, without the risk of losing balance because of a slipping plate. They may be small, but barbell clips make a considerable difference to the quality of your workout. Built for longevity, their smooth contact surfaces won’t damage your bars or plates, no matter how often you use them.

Discover our range of barbell clips

There are two types of barbell collars you can choose from when you shop online at Gym and Fitness:

  • Spring — The classic, sleek design of the spring latch barbell collars appeals to people who are looking for a quality, affordable option that is easy to use. They’re perfect for beginners who are just starting out with a heavier weight class or for those who are experimenting with barbells at home and want a quick way to slide a lock onto the end of a bar.
  • Lockjaw — You can also opt for barbell collars with a specific snap and lock mechanism that applies pressure on the bar to hold the weights in place. Some people love the more hefty, solid design of HG barbell clips, especially when engaging in more intense, CrossFit-based circuits.

Shop for barbell collars online today

No matter your fitness goals, the barbell clips from Gym and Fitness will keep you safe and stable as you level up. There is no better place to order barbell clips with a high-quality range and hard-to-beat prices. Shop online today and enjoy them as early as tomorrow, thanks to our same-day dispatch policy.



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