Commercial Cross Trainer

Commercial Cross Trainers, also known as Ellipticals are great cardio equipment and also a go-to choice for weight loss. It dissolves more calories than the classic treadmill or exercise bikes, and it has a low impact effect on the body. Made with very durable raw materials to ensure they’d last for a long time.

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Unlike the usual treadmill or exercise bike that have high-impact on the knees, Commercial Cross Trainers have minimal impact on the joints, which is excellent for those with health conditions or considerations.

Elliptical Trainers lessen the stress and strain on your knee joints through an elliptical motion. Your feet do not leave the pedals. If you compare it with walking or running, every step aims a jolt to your body. This not only affects the joints in your legs but also your lower back. Walking has less impact, but the Cross Trainer is still better.

In addition, there is no reverse action. The form of the cross trainer movement copies the natural movement of the ankle, knee, and hip joints during walking, jog or running. It reduces the strain on your joints, many cross-trainers are equipped with effective foot pedals that match your stride. Not only that your feet do not leave the pedals, but it also adjusts to the angle of the elliptical pace.

Compared with any fitness machine like exercise bikes, Cross Trainer provides a weight-bearing exercise. Weight stance exercises are predominant to hinder the inception of osteoporosis.