Collection: Ice Bath

A portable ice bath for ice bath recovery is a convenient and transportable cold therapy solution. It aids muscle recovery by immersing the body in icy water, reducing inflammation, swelling, aches and pain, so you can train again the next day without limitations.

Plunging into an ice bath portable tub may also take away your stress and improve your mood for a refreshed mindset. Portable ice baths in Australia are commonly used by fitness enthusiasts, marathon runners, weight lifters, martial artists and athletes who need the ultimate cool-down solution.

So whether you just got home from an intense training session or after participating in a sports event, you owe it to your body to take a break — and there’s no better way to do that than to submerge yourself in a refreshing ice recovery bath using our premium products.


At Gym and Fitness, we provide high-quality portable ice baths in Australia — from lightweight, easy-to-set-up portable ice baths with 200-litre water capacity to stainless steel portable ice baths that can hold up to two people.


Aside from offering high-quality portable ice baths, we also carry an extensivecollection of world-class treadmills, weight plates, commercial leg press machines and more for fitness facilities and residential use.

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What is an ice bath — and is it good for you?

An ice bath, commonly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, is a cold therapy method involving immersion in ice-chilled water. This practice aids recovery after intense physical activity by constricting blood vessels and reducing muscle metabolism, which alleviates soreness and inflammation. After exiting the bath, the increased blood flow helps with the removal of metabolic waste and speeds up muscle recovery.

Additionally, regular ice bath use can improve psychological resilience by conditioning the body to endure extreme conditions, thereby preparing it for better performance in subsequent activities.

How long should you stay in an ice bath for recovery?

The recommended time varies, but typically, it ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. Staying in an ice bath longer than recommended can increase the risk of hypothermia. Always follow the guidance of a qualified professional and listen to your body.

How do I prepare for an ice bath for recovery?

Ice baths in Australia are becoming more popular. Even commercial gyms invest in their own ice baths for their clients, which you can use with the guidance of a professional.

If a commercial ice bath is not available, it’s possible to prepare your own. Start by filling your ice bath with cold water, then add ice until the desired temperature is reached, typically between 10°C and 15°C. Before entering, do not consume alcohol and properly hydrate. Gradually lower yourself into the bath and try to keep your hands and feet under the surface to regulate body temperature.

Are ice baths safe for everyone?

While ice baths are generally safe for most people, they are not suitable for everyone. Individuals with cardiovascular conditions, high blood pressure or those who are pregnant should avoid ice baths due to potential health risks.

Before incorporating ice baths into your recovery routine, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider. Additionally, when using a commercial ice bath in Australia, ensure the facility upholds high standards of safety. Check if they maintain the water quality and cleanliness, control the temperature within safe limits and monitor the duration of use to prevent risks like hypothermia.

Where can I get ice bath equipment?

If you're looking to purchase an ice bath, we offer premium ice baths at Gym and Fitness from brands like Revel Recovery. Explore our product collection and take advantage of our nationwide delivery to enhance your home gym or professional facility with the perfect ice bath solution. Reach out to us if you have any questions about our recovery tools.