Strength Grip

Strength grip trainers are important, as they not only allow you to gain strength that is applicable to everyday tasks like carrying the groceries; a strong grip is also a huge step towards improving your strength training.


Grip strength simply refers to the ability of the hands to properly execute movements which require the use of the hands to grab hold of things. Building such a form of strength can be useful for things as trivial as the all too common menial tasks of carrying plastic bags, opening doors, and washing the dishes, as well as in achieving the optimal form for the more complicated strength training exercises, with the deadlift and squat in particular coming to mind, along with the all-too popular bench presses that you will find as a staple of almost any, if not every gym out there. It is a natural process to build one’s grip strength while performing various strength training exercises with a wide variety of gym apparatus, but that still does not mean to say that there is no particular gain to be had in specifically training the grip strength independently, as a more powerful grip definitely leads to an improvement in your technique and capabilities in doing the more traditional strength training exercises. Strength grip trainers are made specifically to meet and serve for this purpose.

One such strength grip trainer is the spring loaded grip trainer, which is most commonly used to perform the grip clench, the most simple yet effective of all grip strength exercises. To perform this exercise, simply grab hold of two spring loaded grip trainers, one on each hand. If you only have one, it is also okay to just do this exercise with one hand and then do it on the other as you rest the other hand. All you have to do is to simply squeeze the grip strengtheners as much as you are capable of doing, attempting to close your fist against the resistance it presents.



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