Collection: Commercial Functional Trainer

A Commercial Functional Trainer is an excellent option to own in your facility as great strength equipment. It is a diverse machine that allows you to train to be more functional and physically fit. Standard resistance training equipment is not as effective as functional trainers as their fixed patterns do not imitate natural muscle movement.

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Commercial Functional Trainer is a piece of gym equipment that is incorporated with numerous cables and attachments for performing multiple exercises such as pulls, curls, flies and many more. The pulley system can be adjusted to top, bottom or depending on your preference for a specific muscle focus and exercise.

Using this equipment has tons of benefits, the most obvious one is that owning a functional trainer is you can perform an exercise for the whole body with just this equipment and its attachments. You can work on your Arms, Shoulders, Back, Chest, and Legs with only this equipment.

Because of the nature of this equipment, you can add and combine multiple attachments in this equipment. It is a huge advantage as it does not take up too much space and you will be able to work on multiple body muscle with just 1 machine. From Rope attachment to curl bar and handles, you will be able to do your daily workout with just this equipment!

Another benefit is safety, as a huge issue with free weight equipment is that because of the lack of support when using that equipment it could be a bit dangerous especially if you accidentally miscalculated the weight added and you do not have someone that could spot or assist you on your workout. With the commercial functional trainer, you only have to adjust the pins and you are good to go.