Collection: Commercial Lat Pull Down Machine

Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine is one of the most popular workout machines for the large and broad back muscles that give this piece of gym equipment its name which is Latissimus Dorsi Muscles. The lat pulldown exercise equipment is somewhat alike to a pull-up, though the machine enables the user to have as much or as little counterweight as they would like.

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Lat Pulldown Machine is mainly used to exercise your upper back muscles, the lower part, and the rhomboids. Training with this machine helps significantly reduce tension on your shoulder and neck area. Defined back muscles combined with a sturdy chest also helps to promote correct posture.

By isolating the back muscles with this machine, you can focus specifically on your back muscles without tiring out your biceps or triceps. It is cardinal to focus on your back muscles to help with correct posture and to ease pulling movements, like opening a door, climbing a ladder or starting a lawnmower.

There are a lot of ways using this machine, you can interchange the bars like wide, narrow, over-hand and many more in order to target particular muscle groups. For example, using a middle-distance grip, with your forearms upright and hands about shoulder-width apart, focus on your biceps and middle back. A wide grip focus more back muscles and a close grip pulldown aims the forearm muscles.

Every time you workout with this machine, it produces tiny tears in your muscles. As your muscles regenerate, it produces more muscle tissues, the reason why adding this in your workout routine helps you look more toned. Improving your muscles can help you gain metabolic rate because muscle burns more calories than fat.