Collection: Dip Station

People shouldn’t overlook the benefits of the Dip Station. They offer the most exquisite upper-body mass development because of the intrinsic workouts you can perform on it, grab one now in order to fulfil your desired upper body strength gain.

If you choose to include dips on your regular workout routines, these are the wonders that await you. Below are some of the major benefits of performing workouts on a dip station.

Benefits of having Dip Stations. Dips have the following advantages:

It’s a Closed Kinetic Chain (CKC) Exercise.

A Closed Kinetic Chain Exercise involves mostly of having your hands and/or feet moving your body while in a fixed manner. Performing dips is the most beneficial among all the upper body exercises. As a closed kinetic chain exercise, it works for different muscle groups by lifting the body weight up and down.

Another example of closed kinetic chain exercises is the pull-ups, which works more on the back muscle groups.

Add Unlimited Weight.

Dips, for beginners, could be the biggest boon in working out. But will eventually be one of their most love exercises when they outgrow counterweighted dips. Athletes intend to do dips more because it is very easy to make the workout more challenging, you could wear additional body weights like dip belts, weight plate vests, dumbbells, etc.

Build Upper Body Mass.

Since you are able to continually add pounds to your dip strength, you’re able to continually overload your muscles. And if you are progressively overloading your muscles with more weight and eating a sound bodybuilding diet, you are guaranteed to build muscle mass.

Superior to Push Ups.

Doing push-ups is an excellent bodyweight workout. However, dips are far superior because it literally carries the whole body weight. It is also better because adding more weight doesn’t require much effort, unlike the push-ups that limit to what your back can withstand.

Improve Your Lockout Strength.

The few final inches of dipping until the lockout puts gruelling pressure on your shoulders, as well as the moment you go out from a lockout phase. Dips are the best way to improve your lockout strength.