Collection: Adjustable Dumbbells

Improve your chest press and isolated bicep curls with our range of PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells or MX Select dumbbells, and get gains in the comfort of your gym. The great thing about adjustable dumbbells is not having to worry about making space in your gym for numerous sets of dumbbells.

One set of adjustable dumbbells can take the place of an entire rack of ordinary dumbbells! Versatile, compact and with state of the art design, our adjustable dumbbell set options will save you on cost and time.


With outstanding durability, these dumbbells are great for high-volume usage, perfect for commercial gyms. You can pick and choose with our adjustable dumbbell set and weight selector. Plus, with an ergonomic design, your selected weight is well balanced, safe to use and is the ideal choice for both stationary upper body exercises and HIIT workouts to get your heart pumping. Opt for adjustable dumbbells and eliminate the hassle of having to make space in your home or multi-user gym. Keep them stationary in the same spot within your gym, and you’ll never have to wait around for your preferred dumbbell weight again!

Using your adjustable dumbbells is relatively straightforward. They’re safely held in place in a patented weight plate cradle, with the release button placed on the side. To select your desired weight, simply press the weight selector release button, and the dial will pop up. Select your desired weight, and you’re all ready to go start your upper or lower body workout. Our PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells and MX Select dumbbells are equivalent to 10 dumbbell sets and vary with models reaching 30, 55 and 85lbs. With various models to choose from, your upper and lower body workouts will benefit with our adjustable dumbbell sets!