Collection: Commercial Flat Bench

Commercial Flat Bench is one of the most simple, common, and yet indispensable equipment on every gym facility. It can be mixed with multiple other gym equipment such as dumbbells, barbells or attachments.

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A Commercial Flat Bench is a padded board reinforced with a solidly built steel frame. This equipment can be used to target major muscle groups with the use of free weights. Chest exercises are one of the most common exercises that you can do on a flat bench, you can do barbell and dumbbell press with the flat bench and focus on your chest muscles.

Flat bench is very a flexible gym equipment, you can do chest, triceps, back, and core exercise with this equipment. You can also add attachments on your flat bench to help you do more exercise with this equipment alone. With these accessories, you can add attachments to target the lower body, they are available for leg curls, which mainly work the glutes and hams on the back of your leg and for leg extension which mainly work the quads on the front of the legs.

There are a variety of benches that you can choose from but the Flat bench is the most common and you won’t see any gym facility without it. There is also an adjustable flat bench for flexible use. We offer a wide range of commercial flat bench that will suit any facility and there is also our customer support experts that will help you choose the right flat bench that you can add in your gym facility at any time.