Collection: Rig & Rack Attachments

Rig and rack attachments allow weightlifters to add a whole new dimension of exercise into their rigs and racks.

The rigs and racks are quite a staple within the field of strength training of all sorts, especially those that involve heavier free weights such as barbells. They both have the primary purpose of being effective aiding gym equipment that allows one to perform heavy free weight exercises with relative ease and safety. In particular, they are invaluable in helping weightlifters of all skill levels in training both their form and strength in performing common strength exercises, most commonly the squats and deadlifts. Both of these exercises are notorious for causing serious injury among weightlifters who were caught either not paying attention, or lacked the practice or training required in performing one of these difficult exercises. Some simply just pushed themselves far too hard, taking on a heavy free weight that they had not been eased into carrying.

The rigs and racks provide an extra dimension of safety that allows weightlifters to train with less fear of injury, as they serve as both positional aids, and emergency stoppers. However, some downsides to this machine is how it can at times feel too one dimensional. Sure, it is great at keeping weightlifters safe during strength training, but it only does that. This problem, however, is not without a solution. There are a plethora of equipment attachments that you can use on the rig and rack so as to add an additional dimension of exercise and fitness training to it, thus allowing it to serve more purposes in the confines of its already compact and efficient space.