Collection: Skipping Ropes

The skipping rope is a classic, but still highly efficient aerobic exercise apparatus that gets the heart beating faster than almost any other aerobic exercise movement.

The skipping rope in a very versatile exercise apparatus that has become a staple for gym-goers everywhere. It can be used for a variety of exercises, but the benefits of using the skipping rope are very much evident and significant.

For one, it is a great boon for anyone looking to lose any significantly large amounts of weight, as the fat burned to time ratio on this exercise is highly efficient. A number of studies have shown that utilizing a skipping rope can help you burn as many as 1,300 calories or more in just the span of an hour. It also engages multiple muscle areas all at once, thus helping you get the whole-body workout you’re looking to get out of it. This also means you get to see the fruits of your labour come much faster. It has also been shown to give a significant boost to one’s cardiovascular health condition. It gets your heart rate up at a speed that beats other traditional exercises twice or thrice over, all without putting as much stress on the joints as other exercises do. Furthermore, it is great for improving one’s mental acuity, as it works on developing both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, something not many tasks can boast, and this enhances one’s spatial awareness, reading ability, memory, and overall level of alertness. Lastly, the best reason to get it is that it is just such a fun way to get your fix of exercise.