Collection: Standard Barbells

Barbell sets are one of the essentials that every gym needs to have. It is the basic need of a weightlifter, beginner to pro, they all utilize the barbells to get their most wanted body build. We at Gym & Fitness, only wants what’s best for our customers, therefore, we’ve gathered for you all the best there is in today’s market.

The barbell is the most simply designed equipment in a gym, but it’s complexity is incomparable to other equipment. You’re definitely wondering why some fitness trainers do not recommend moving bars, it is because this piece of equipment requires a different level of fitness compared to that of the machines. It may cause injury if you don’t have the capability to use is properly. Of course, with great risks comes high rewards.

Here are the Key Benefits Barbells has to offer:

Barbells saves time

When performing the most common barbell exercises, namely, squats, bench press, overhead press, and deadlifts, you develop multiple muscle parts all in one. An example is when doing deadlifts, you put pressure on the arms, back, hamstrings, hips, quadriceps and shoulder muscles in order to complete the workout.

Barbell Training Workout is efficient

when performing deadlifts, you put pressure on the arms, back, hamstrings, hips, quadriceps and shoulder muscles in order to complete the workout. It is way more time conserving than going to multiple single muscle region targeting machines for each muscle group.

Barbells improve athletic performance

For beginners, when using the barbell for the first time, the body tends to send mental signals to different muscle group, thus, it trains the whole body to coordinate better in a way that it develops the efficiency of movement and precision of body functions. This is because our body is controlled by a sole nervous system, and when nervous system development is somewhat complete, our muscles gain its memory, thus, it can perform exercises with less mental supervision.

Barbells are cheap

If you’re trying to set up a home gym, or have built up one but missing a barbell, scoring a barbell set is way cheaper than buying those combo exercise machines. An Olympic 45 pound barbell and a 135-pound weight will cost you between $100 to $400, that depends on the brand and type of bar and weights you plan to buy. Even in efficiency compared to machines, cardio bikes, functional trainers, etc. Average barbell sets cost 150$, you can perform so many arms, back, shoulder and hip exercise with them. Comparing to exercise machines costing hundreds of dollars, it doesn’t even hit a fraction of the expense with barbells.

Barbells are for cardio too

Amazingly, barbells also cover cardiovascular endurance enhancement training, there is a lot of fitness class that sport barbells as their main arsenal. A Cardio barbell is super light, weighing around 5lbs, smaller in terms of diameter, shorter than the average Olympic bar and loaded with lighter weights than the average ones. Cardio barbells are meant to be used by performing the same workouts with lower weights but with higher reps. This workout routine will surely develop your endurance.