Collection: Hack Squat Machines

Hack your workouts with a hack squat machine from Gym and Fitness and take your lower body gains to the next level. While free weights are often praised, gym machines have their own benefits when it comes to aiding muscle growth. Hack squat machines, in particular, are incredibly effective for targeting the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

If you’re looking to enhance your back or front squats, buy a hack squat machine from our site and witness better results from your leg days.

Benefits of a hack squat machine

Full range of motion

Traditional back squats with a barbell and a squat rack can be strenuous on the lower back, causing lifters to limit their depth. But if you want to maximise muscle stimulation from a compound exercise like squats, you need to reach your full range of motion. A hack squat machine provides back and core support, allowing you to go deeper and lift heavier than your barbell squats.

Lower injury risk

While squats are a fundamental compound movement, improper form can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. Hack squat machines allow for lower back and neck support during the movement, reducing the risk of injury. It’s an ideal option for individuals recovering from injuries or aiming to minimise impact on their back.

Improved barbell squats

Since the squat is a compound movement, it’s hard to isolate the glutes or the quads. A hack squat machine gives you the ability to move your feet into a wide or narrow position, allowing you to isolate certain muscle groups — Improving quad strength without straining your glutes, hamstrings or lower back.

Get your hack squat machine from Gym and Fitness

With all the emphasis on lower body gains, a hack squat machine is an excellent investment in a commercial gym or even a home gym for serious lifters. Buy a hack squat machine from our selection of commercial-grade, heavy-loading machines at Gym and Fitness and elevate your lower body workouts.

When you buy a hack squat machine from us, you can expect delivery within 3–15 business days, depending on your location in Australia. For more information, visit our shipping page or get in touch with us.