Power Rack Packages

Lift like an Olympian, elevate your pull-up game, or squat low while keeping your form intact — power rack packages can help you do all this and more. These powerful machines are an all-in-solution for home and commercial gyms alike. Enhance your workouts using add-ons like dip bars, wall mounts, squat stands, spotter arms, and V-bar cable attachments. In essence, a power rack can completely uplevel your training routine.

Get the most out of your time and workouts using power rack packages from Gym and Fitness. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner looking to build an unbeatable and affordable home gym, we have the equipment you need. Our collection of high-quality fitness power racks for sale can protect you against unnecessary injuries while still pushing your fitness limits every time.



Power up your workouts using power rack packages and features

Better known as a squat cage, this four-post piece of gym equipment is one of the most essential workout pieces around. A high-quality power rack allows you to safely level up your weights while combining a range of exercises into a seamless workout routine. Power rack packages are used for squats, bench presses, rack pulls, rows, curls and extensions.

The best power rack for sale offers commercial-grade, heavy-duty steel construction, laser-cut holes, and durable horizontal posts with a high level of maximum weight (~60 to 70 kg). Power racks are multi-functional and highly compact, combining multiple stations like the squat, rack pull, and shoulder press systems. Power rack packages and designs can also allow you to fold them down to save on space, perfect for limited space in a home gym.

Get the best power rack packages at Gym and Fitness

While you focus on powering up your workout splits, Gym and Fitness will help keep you safe and efficient as you push and surpass your limits. Browse popular brands like Proform, Force USA, and more, or contact our friendly support team, and we can help answer your queries on which power rack might suit you best.

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