All-In-One Trainer Packages

Light a fire under your workouts and achieve a high level of precision with the Force USA All-In-One Trainer packages from Gym and Fitness. If your home can only accommodate one piece of equipment, make it this and benefit from the best All-In-One Trainer Australia has ever seen. With an exceptional range of weights, barbells and a suite of other gear, you can build out an impressive home gym to rival your local fitness studio.


All-In-One Trainers — the foundation of every quality workout

With a footprint similar to conventional racking and machines, you can outfit your home gym with an expansive range of exercises available to challenge yourself and add more diversity to your sets. Whether working out your upper or lower body or isolating specific muscle groups, All-In-One Trainer packages offer one of the best muscle-building machines to boost your strength, endurance and power in the comfort of your home.

If you feel your local gym is getting tedious or you can never use the machines you want, we offer the best range of All-In-One Trainers in Australia at competitive prices you can customise to meet your demands. Within our collection, you’ll find packages that combine power racks and cable pulley systems along with others that come with weight plates, barbells and workout benches. Some kits even offer rubber flooring tiles to help insulate sound and provide a responsive surface to help your posture and foot alignment from working with heavy weights on hard surfaces.

Invest in yourself and experience the Gym and Fitness difference with the best All-In-One Trainers in Australia

Keep your exercise regime fresh and varied with Gym and Fitness’ All-In-One Trainers. By creating a large hub to execute a massive array of exercises, you can test and improve your technique to achieve the fitness and muscle mass you have been working for. With fast shipping across the country, you can shop the latest range online or visit our showroom to see our high-performance machines in person. And if you need help selecting a model that meets your current and future demands, don’t hesitate to contact us — our expert team is here to help.