Commercial Dip Station

Commercial Dip Station is a piece of equipment used with your own body weight to work with your shoulders, triceps, and chest muscles. This exercise builds muscle and strength in the core and upper body while enhancing your overall transformation.

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There are multiple exercises that can be done with the Commercial Dip Station, each exercise affects different muscle groups. The most usual workout is the triceps dip, which you grip the bars with your arms set straight by your hips and then bend your arms to lower your upper body and push again to raise you up.

Dips needs a remarkable effort from your upper body. Adding this workout to your regular workout routine will increase your strength not only in your triceps but also in your shoulder, back, and chest.

The core is also involved when doing this exercise as it increases the abdominal strength while balancing yourself doing dips. This is a challenging exercise by itself as you are forced to lift your own weight but as soon as you build your muscles you will eventually outgrow it, which brings us to including a dip belt which is an accessory that goes along with this equipment. You can wear the accessory along your waist and combine it with a dumble or weight plate to gain more weight and challenge yourself with heavier weights while doing dips.

No one should miss this exercise and equipment as it delivers an excellent upper body mass and strength gains, mostly because of the unique technique of this exercise.



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