Collection: Functional Training Package

Who said gym equipment had to focus on one muscle group? Functional training packages from Gym and Fitness are the ultimate form of practical exercise. From ropes and bags to Pilates and plyometrics, our preset equipment bundles work perfectly with any routine. Just see for yourself!

The many benefits of functional training packages

Functional training is a unique workout focused on strengthening your everyday movements. Designed for any and every fitness level, the ultimate goal is to make exercise feel less like a chore and more like an energising treat.

From daily gymgoers to weekend warriors, functional training packages are the perfect solution for a mundane workout routine. Pick a bundle that works in tandem with your needs, maximise your functional strength, and add a touch of dynamic energy to practically any workout. You’ll get all the positives of gym equipment without the traditional setbacks — and save some money, too!

There are so many other benefits that come with our functional training packages:

  • Easily turn any backyard or garage into a usable gym space.
  • Boost power in everyday activities, like carrying groceries or mowing the lawn.
  • Stay flexible and adaptable with hundreds of workout possibilities.

No matter how you choose to stay fit and have fun, functional training packages from Gym and Fitness can get you there in less time for less money — one wall ball at a time!

Live a longer, happier, healthier life with Gym and Fitness

Functional training packages from Gym and Fitness are recognised all over Australia — but they aren’t the only thing that put us on the map. With over 20 years of experience in the gym equipment industry, we make it easy to keep fitness fun, flexible, and functional.

Unsure if we have what you need? No worries! With fast delivery Australia wide, we offer a 14-day Change of Mind Policy just in case you have second thoughts. You can buy packages from us outright, use AfterPay or ZipPay for a longer timeline, and access easy returns if and when needed.

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