Collection: Dumbbell Rack & Storage

Dumbbell storage allows workout enthusiasts to keep their gyms neat and orderly.

Dumbbells are a permanent fixture in many gyms thanks to their versatility. Aside from traditional upper body exercises such as hammer curls and shoulder presses, dumbbells can also be used to add weight to squats, lunges and crunches. 

Aside from the actual weights themselves, dumbbell storage is an equally important component of any gym setup. Lots of people forget to put their dumbbells away after they exercise, which in turn presents serious safety hazards as someone can trip on these weights. 

At Gym and Fitness, we supply dumbbell storage racks that also help increase the overall durability and lifespan of your weights. Rubbing dumbbells against each other can wear down the plates and handles. This means that even when you’re just picking up your weights and putting them back after a set, you might be damaging your equipment.

Dumbbell storage racks are a good investment, even if you only have a few weights in your collection. You’re bound to get stronger as you commit further to your exercises, which means it’s likely that you’ll end up buying heavier weights. 

Having a dedicated dumbbell rack storage space allows you to keep all your weights in order, even your lighter ones. These lighter weights should still be part of your collection, as you’ll need them in case you need rehabilitation following an injury or just to do basic warm-ups. 

When choosing to buy a dumbbell storage rack in Australia, you’ll want to look at how big your space is. Vertical dumbbell storage racks take up less space, while horizontal racks can make it easier to access your weights as needed.

At Gym and Fitness, you can buy horizontal stands for easy access, especially when performing shoulder or trap exercises, and higher stands that make it easier and safer for you to grab without having to bend over. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions about dumbbell rack storage or need recommendations. You can also browse our new arrivals to discover more equipment to add to your workout regimen.