Collection: Smart Bikes

Discover our range of smart bikes — exercise bikes with smart features and your newest favourite training tool. Designed with dedicated cyclists in mind, smart exercise bikes have interactive technologies that allow you to perform elite exercises in your own training environment. Work out with the world's top iFit personal trainers, join immersive virtual races and take your endurance to the next level. Discover smart exercise bikes in Australia at Gym and Fitness.

Cutting-edge technology for seamless rides

Immerse yourself in a seamless cycling experience with our smart exercise bikes’ advanced technological features. Track your performance metrics like time, distance, calories and RPM with precision on the high-definition LCD. Our smart exercise bikes’ Bluetooth capabilities allow you to connect with virtual cycling communities and compete in real-time races, making sessions more interactive and exciting. Plus, with a convenient USB charging port, your device will stay powered up. Stay connected and motivated throughout long and intense workouts.

Sync your bike with virtual landscapes and challenging routes. The compatibility with top-tier cycling apps such as Explore the World™, Peloton™ and Zwift™ transforms every ride into an interactive adventure. Our smart exercise bikes have whisper-quiet magnetic resistance systems, which offer 100 micro-adjustable levels. Push your limits without disturbing your peace.

Tailored comfort meets dynamic entertainment

Redefine comfort with ergonomic seats and handlebars on smart exercise bikes. These adapt to fit your body perfectly and support various cycling postures. With a tailored fit, you can maintain comfort on long rides and feel like the bike was custom-made for you. 

Additionally, each smart exercise bike boasts a versatile media rack to keep you engaged. Dive into an intense training session or breeze through your favourite series with your phone or tablet resting on your smart exercise bike. Make longer rides more productive and thoroughly enjoyable.

Enjoy long training rides with smart bikes at Gym and Fitness

Enjoy the endless workout variety and choose from weight loss classes, cardio exercise, endurance training, muscle building, strength training, HIIT and many more. At Gym and Fitness, we have smart exercise bikes that are as versatile as they are performance-oriented. Put in an order for our workout equipment today and enjoy fast delivery for our smart exercise bikes in Australia.

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