Collection: Shoulder Press Machine

The shoulder press machine is a gym equipment that will allow one to get a workout experience that allows one to focus on developing his or her shoulder muscles specifically. It is also easier to use than other conventional shoulder strength machines for those who have just started going to the gym.

The shoulder press machine is another variant of the more common seated barbell shoulder press, a piece of gym equipment commonly used to strengthen the muscles along the shoulder area. While the seated barbell shoulder press is effective at building shoulder strength, it can also prove difficult to use properly for those who are new to the gym. For these purposes, the shoulder press machine can be an invaluable tool for those who are just starting to hit the gym and are looking to improve their shoulder muscles’ strength specifically. Furthermore, this gym machine allows you to really focus the workout on the shoulder muscles, as the fixed range of motion assures none of your efforts is wasted on parts of the body you aren’t currently working on.

To use the machine shoulder press, simply be seated on the machine with the handles lined up close to the height of your shoulder. Then, grab hold of the handles, take a deep breath, and push the handles overhead. Try to do this in as a controlled motion as you are capable of making it, as this will decrease the risk of running into injury and allows you to fully build your muscles. After reaching the limit of your range of motion, simply lower your arms, in the same controlled fashion as you had used in pushing it upward. Do this in the number of reps and sets as you feel you can be comfortable with; go with an amount that gets your muscles flexed enough to develop, but not overused, as going for the latter may cause injury.