Collection: Balance Trainer

The Balance Trainer is an unorthodox, but very much invaluable tool that allows you to work the core and other muscles of your body at once, all the while also building your balancing capabilities.

There are many different pieces of gym equipment used for various purposes, but the Balance Trainer is not one that you will hear about too often. It definitely also kind of looks like one of those obscure pieces of gym equipment that only a handful of people knew about, let alone use, basically being a balance ball that appears to have been cut down in half. However, don’t be fooled; as ridiculous as it looks, it actually has quite a wide amount of applications in exercises that work the core muscles primarily but is also applicable for exercises that work just about every muscle on the body.

What it does to every exercise is to add just another layer of imbalance, thus making it significantly harder, thus taking much more effort to perform the exercises that they would take normally. This facilitates the engagement of the smaller auxiliary muscles that don’t always get involved in the standard muscle-building exercises. The nature of the exercise apparatus, however, sees to it that your core muscles always get some form of marginal gain no matter which part of the body you are focusing on working. This tool is a great way to hit two birds with one stone, so to speak. It allows one to build his or her body awareness, thus increasing one’s physical capabilities by giving them a sense of internal balance that helps in a particularly significant fashion in strength training. It is a very useful, versatile and overall worthwhile tool to use.