All-In-One Trainers

All-In-One Trainers are a one-stop-shop for your strength training needs. Designed to maximise your workout space, the All-In-One Trainer range takes your traditional functional trainer, smith machine, power rack and roles them all into one! Ideal for those looking to excel in building strength, the All-In-One Trainer is ideal for high-performance athletes, fitness coaches, commercial gyms, personal trainers or those just wanting to find the edge whilst training in the comfort of their own home. Browse the range or find the right All-In-One Trainer for you.


An All-In-One Trainer is the ideal training partner for functional training or strength building enthusiasts. They ooze versatility, boasting larger ranges of available attachments than the traditional functional trainer. Maximise each and every functional workout by performing supersets or compound workouts with the same workout machine.

Strength development, Power enhancement, Bodybuilding, Muscular Endurance improvement, Glycolytic Efficiency, Concentric or Eccentric (Negative) training, Compound or Isolation workouts, Plyometrics, Slow Twitch or Fast Twitch Fibre training. All these made possible by the All-in-one fitness solution known as the All-In-One-Trainer.

the All-In-One Trainer is the comprehensive training solution. With so much flexibility it is the workout partner that grows with you. The Force USA All-In-One Trainers knows for their superior build quality, offer smooth movement and durability providing the safest environment possible, whilst performing the complex workouts that functional training demands.