Collection: Smart Cross Trainers

Enjoy an interactive workout experience from the comfort of your own home with our smart cross trainers. Our iFit-enabled cross trainers are fully loaded and ready to propel your fitness journey forward. Experience the luxury of cutting-edge fitness technology in our range of smart trainers, featuring a smart HD touchscreen that brings professional training programs right to your fingertips. Each session auto-adjusts to mirror real-world terrain, providing a dynamic, immersive experience that keeps you motivated.

From ellipticals to ascent trainers, explore our smart trainer range at Gym and Fitness today!

Advanced fitness technology at your fingertips

Enjoy the convenience of working out with smart trainers, equipped with advanced features that adapt to your fitness needs. Our equipment range features auto-adjusting technology that modifies your machine’s resistance and incline to mimic the actual terrain of your virtual workout path. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of realism to your workout, making every session feel more rewarding and effective.

Plus, smart trainers boast smart HD touchscreens that display your workout metrics. Track every stride with sophisticated analytics that measure your progress and make every workout count towards your overall goals.

Built-in training programs for your virtual coach

With our smart trainers, you don't need a personal trainer to build gains. These state-of-the-art machines come equipped with a variety of built-in programs that guide you through every workout. From high-intensity sprints to calorie-burning climbs and endurance tests, our programs cater to all fitness levels and preferences. 

The real-time interaction capabilities on the smart HD touchscreen allow you to connect with professional trainers and breathtaking virtual landscapes. Get an engaging and interactive workout that pushes you towards your best. Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your fitness regimen, our smart cross trainers offer comprehensive training options that adjust to your specific needs and goals.

Redefine your home gym with smart trainers at Gym and Fitness

Transform your home into a hub of health and fitness with one of our smart trainers. With iFit integration, access a global library of workouts led by professional trainers and engage yourself in more effective workouts. Order a smart cross trainer at Gym and Fitness today and take advantage of a top-tier, adaptable workout setup at home. We offer fast delivery for our workout equipment Australia-wide!

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